National Brownie Day: Paying Proper Respect to the MVP of Desserts We bring the flavor from the beginning to the end of the meal, leaving no tastebud unsatisfied and no sweet tooth without a chocolaty fix.

Wingstop brownie on a napkin with chocolate chunks and brownie crumbs on the napkin and table next to the brownie square

One of our favorite days of the year is National Chicken Wing Day during which we offer wing deals to our fans as we pay homage to heart of our menu and all the glory that is chicken wings. But tomorrow is National Brownie Day, and let us not allow the sun to set without paying proper respect to our decadent, rich brownies.

You see them next to the register, or maybe during online ordering, but you’re so focused on feeding the crave for our wings you forget dessert is always acceptable, and could perhaps pass as a mandated law in some states.

Or maybe you’re a true Wingstop fan and already know our fudgy brownies have the perfect crispy top, are gooey in all the right places and packed with irresistible chocolaty chunks. If that’s the case, no need to continue reading. Head to and reward yourself with a brownie and some wings to go along with, because life is hard.

If you haven’t yet experienced the rich flavor fusion that our brownies bring to the table, go ahead and follow our advice above and treat yo’self. We would never want to come between you and your next love affair, and there’s simply no reason to delay the inevitable. Stop by your nearest Wingstop or order one of our rich brownies on the app or online.

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