Wingstop Charities Awards $93,000 During Fall Grant Cycle! Charitable arm of Wingstop gives 21 grants to 501c3 organizations

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Wingstop Charities continues to amplify the efforts of our brand partners in the communities we serve through engaging youth in the pursuit of their passions, whether through education, arts, sports and career development.

During this challenging year, we are especially grateful for the work our brand partners are doing to making a positive impact on young people and their communities.

Through our recent fall grant cycle, Wingstop Charities is excited to award 21 unique grants to 501c3 organizations, totaling $95,000. A record-breaking grant cycle!

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This year Wingstop Charities has granted $180,000 to local organizations supporting our youth, with the fall grant cycle being our largest grant cycle yet funding $95,000 to 21 community organizations.

In response to COVID-19, Wingstop Charities partnered with brand partners to donate one million meals to local food banks and first responders. To date, Wingstop Charities has provided $100,000 in catastrophic response including donations to CORE (Children of Restaurant Employees), Barbershop Books and Educational First Steps.

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